The Healthy Kids Challenge blog is a place where our readers can get the latest news and helpful tips from Healthy Kids Challenge.  This blog is here for our users to engage in respectful meaningful dialogue with the Healthy Kids Challenge team and fellow Healthy Kids Challenge followers.

In this blog we will strive to create meaningful conversation that is both interesting and useful to our readers. Please do not discuss political views, legal information, or provide links to inappropriate  content.  Please do not take any information within posts or comments as professional medical advice. For official Healthy Kids Challenge news and advice view our website at: Please be honest and friendly in your postings and comments as this is vital to a successful blog.

It is our commitment to the community to be honest in our postings. At times there may be issues our staff cannot address, however we will only regulate the conversation if it is offensive. Our staff will read comments as quickly as possible and maintain a dialogue with our members. We will strive to bring you meaningful news and tips to ensure our blog is up to date and entertaining. We will continue to build partnerships with other blogs to bring our readers the most in-depth nutritional coverage we can.

Just a few simple guidelines can provide an open and enjoyable forum for all of our readers and writers.

This blog is a conversational space where all members should feel comfortable to communicate about the issues regarding families nutrition. The Blog is about Healthy Kids Challenge and the topics that the organization deals with directly. Please do not post anything that may offend another member. We ask for your email address when you post so that we may reply directly to you if necessary.


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