happy-valentines-day-40Healthy Kids Challenge Valentine’s Day Snacks
Here are a few examples from our printable:

Valentine Fruit Bouquet – Using red or pink plastic skewers, alternate watermelon cubes, strawberries, cherries and red seedless grapes. Add a low-fat vanilla or berry yogurt for dipping!

Eat Your Heart Out Popcorn – Fresh popped popcorn lightly kissed with cinnamon sugar is special.

Tiny Treat Bags – Tie snack or sandwich size plastic bags with a red or pink ribbon. Add just a sprinkling of red and white chocolate covered candies to some tasty combinations such as:

  • Cran-raisins, almonds and pecans
  • Dried cherries, almonds and dried banana
  • Dried apples, peanuts and walnuts

The link to our printable list is: Healthy Kids Challenge Valentine’s Day Snacks


Healthy6 ideas provide easy to teach, learn, and practice nutrition and active play activities.
Use our simple ways to make nutrition education easy!

Holiday Pinwheels RecipeHappy kids preparing a meal in the kitchen
Holiday Berry Fruit Dip Recipe
Snack Attack “Healthy Celebration Snacks
Drink Think “Choose Power Beverages
Active Play, Balance My Day “Brain Breaks

Dallas RSCE kids cooking competitionKid chefs, fresh local ingredients, and fun cooking competition combined for one awesome RSCE* day in Dallas!
Local celebrities, including former Dallas Cowboys running back Preston Pearson, coached the teams and judged the final dishes. Four teams were formed, and their first task was coming up with catchy team names.

  • The “Waker Uppers” focused on healthy breakfast;
  • The “Snacky Snacky’s” on healthy snacks;
  • “The Carrot Spears” were the fruit and veggies chefs; and
  • “Fruits on the Go” were the “go to” for healthy drinks.

You can almost taste these examples of the yummy items they dreamed up:

Waker Uppers:Cigna Dallas RSCE Breakfast team

  • Smiley Waffle topped with peaches and cranberries and a blend of low fat yogurt and granola
  • Breakfast Burritos with salsa black beans, cheese and guacamole

Snacky Snacky’s:

  • Veggie Plate with low fat cheese and hummus for dipping
  • Cucumbers with fresh squeezed lime and saltDallas RSCE snack team cooking

The Carrot Spears:

  • Veggie Surprise -tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, yellow pepper, orange pepper, grapes, low fat cheese cubes, and a balsamic vinaigrette
  • “The Whole Package” – all the food groups on one plate!
    • low fat yogurt/granola with raisins and strawberries; English muffin topped with fat free cream cheese and dried cherries; black beans with lettuce, and orange bell pepper; salad with peaches and strawberries and cucumbers; rice with chicken, bell pepper and onion.Dallas RSCE Carrot Team cooking

Fruits on the Go:

  • “Klyde Warren Park” – peanut butter, graham crackers, chocolate bar, low fat yogurt garnished with a strawberry
  • “Morning Stretch” – strawberries, banana, kiwi, strawberry yogurt and low fat milk, garnished with a lime
  • “East Lawn Delight” – carrots, spinach, mango, tomato, blueberry low fat yogurt, pineapple, and honey (garnished with cilantro)

Every team won an award for categories such as presentation, speed of preparation, or kid friendliness!


  • Creativity – the Waker Uppers for their Smiley Waffle with orange wedges
  • Taste – Fruits on the Go for their Morning Stretch Smoothie
  • Health – Carrot Spears for their “Whole Package” as all the food groups were on 1 plate
  • Ingredients Used – Carrot Spears for using all the food groups
  • Presentation – Snacky Snacky – for their 7 recipes and beautiful presentation
  • Affordability – Snacky Snacky for their cucumber, lime, and salt appetizer
  • Speed of Preparation – Fruits on the Go – throw in the blender, blend, done, and run
  • Kid-Friendliness – The Waker Uppers for the creations – Kids can do it!

These kid-family-celebrity teams put their creativity to work during the United Way Health and Wellness Fair presented by Cigna and Texas Instruments. Local celebrities competing with the teams included:

  • Preston Pearson, former Dallas Cowboys running back, joined the Waker Uppers team and also helped judge entries.
  • Jennifer Sampson, President and CEO, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, competed with the Snacky Snacky’s team.
  • Kevin Marsh, Chief Financial Officer Texas Instruments, and Terri West, Senior Vice President and Manager, Communications and Investor Relations, Texas Instruments, helped the Carrot Spears.
  • LaMonte Thomas, President and General Manager for North Texas and Oklahoma CIGNA, joined the Fruits on the Go team.

Stay tuned for more RSCE reports from Phoenix this fall.

*RSCE – the HKC signature event Ready, Set, Cook & Eat.

Mother Father Son and Daughter (8-11) Having a Picnic and Chatting


July is National Picnic Month, and a perfect time to “Eat, Move, and Enjoy Healthy Balance”.

Gather family and friends to enjoy light, summery foods along with play time in the fresh outdoor air.


Eat – Picnic Food Ideas:

Move – Picnic Outdoor Play Ideas:

Enjoy – Picnic Fun Ideas:

  • Turn off all electronic devices and give your full attention to the family and friends who are present.
  • Lie on a blanket and make a game out of finding shapes in the clouds above.
  • Simply slow down, be in the moment, and enjoy the company of family and friends – a key part of the Eat, Move, and Enjoy Healthy Balance model.

Get the summer off to a healthy start with the kids! Help them begin a scrapbook containing healthy eating and active play games, recipes and challenges. A fun project for youth summer programming or for kids at home!
Explain that kids will collect healthy information to put in their scrapbooks that can be used and practiced this summer and throughout the year! Suggest the following categories:

Active Play Ideas – Try out fun, cooling water games to include in kids’ scrapbooks.
Healthy Recipes – Offer HKC’s Taste and Learn “Breakfast Pizza” recipe for kids’ scrapbooks.
Challenge Goals – Have kids set 1-2 healthy challenges to work on this summer. HKC’s Healthy Me Challenges can provide doable ideas.
Optional – Encourage creative writing skills by suggesting kids add their personal reflections about healthy habits in their scrapbook.

HKC Printables – Plenty of Healthy6 messages, activities, recipes and challenges to use for scrapbooks.
Nourish Interactive – Find fun nutrition activity sheets, healthy recipes and more.
KidsHealth.org – Reliable kids nutrition and physical activity information for scrapbook use.
Streetplay.com “The Games” – Encourage kids to learn a new active play game from these ideas.


RSCEPhoenix14team3We’re helping families balance their days with healthy meals this month! Check out amazing, quick, yet healthy meal creations from all 3 family teams and fun photos of the event on Facebook and make sure to LIKE us!

Healthy Kids Challenge and Cigna, our Official Health Services Provider, teamed up to provide a fun, healthy cook-off using our popular and tasty Ready, Set, Cook and Eat!™ learning event at the Reach 11 Sports Complex Soccer Tournament in Phoenix, AZ! The theme and challenge was:

“Make Any Meal a Healthy Family Time Meal”RSCEPhoenix14team2

This event showcased 3 families using limited foods, equipment and time to cook up a healthy main dish and a tasty side dish, too! The Telemundo and Cigna sponsored event was MC’d by Diego Santiago.



Balance My Day simply means balancing energy in and energy out. Enjoy a simple healthy shake and balance it with some family activity ideas from the links below.Family Walking Together

Strawberry Yogurt Shake RecipeTaste and Learn

Challenge yourself and your kids with these fun and simple Healthy Me Challenges:

  Click for more “Healthy Me” Challenges!

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