Red and purple fruits and veggiesWe have fantastic partners who are working to make a healthy difference in the lives of individuals, kids and families. This week we want to highlight a few of our Partners in Health who provide exceptional nutrition and physical activity education resources to teach kids healthy habits – like eating more fruits and veggies – as they head back to school.

Learning ZoneXpress

Learning ZoneXpress has award-winning innovative classroom videos, posters, games, tablets, incentives and more. Owner, president and former FACS teacher, Melanie Nelson’s commitment to developing creative materials for teachers and students brought Healthy Kids Challenge and Learning ZoneXpress together to develop several interactive kids’ activity books.

Nourish Interactive

NourishInteractive is a completely free website devoted towards making nutrition and exercise fun. provides fun, interactive online games for kids that are designed to teach through animation, exploration, and decision-making. It is the first website to create “matching” nutritional tools, one for the parent and one for the child, so the entire family can work as a team to establish good nutrition at home. The site is available in English and Spanish.

Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for Kids is sponsored by 24 Carrot Press, founded in 1995 by Connie Evers, MS, RD, an award-winning registered dietitian who has dedicated her career to promoting the nutritional health of children and adolescents. 24 Carrot Press publishes books and materials that take a positive, fun approach to the more serious issues that affect children today, including obesity, eating disorders, poor eating habits and inactivity.

The OrganWise Guys

The OrganWise Guys is an award-winning program teaching the valued fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise. Teachers, parents and children enthusiastically applaud this age-appropriate, science-based instruction. Healthy Kids Challenge Director and Assistant Director are nutrition content editors and since 1998, have partnered with The OrganWise Guys to help support the development of healthy eating and physical activity habits.

OCPS Chef and Student with Healthy Kids Challenge Director

OCPS student, chef with Healthy Kids Challenge Director

Orange County Public Schools OCPS, Orlando, Florida, and Healthy Kids Challenge have been Partners In Health for several years now. From energizing school wellness teams to offering creative ways to get kids excited about school meals through the HKC Ready, Set, Cook and Eat event, to showcasing how to integrate nutrition education into science and math curriculum, many success stories exist.


The most recent and the most honoring for all involved is the Healthy Kids Challenge involvement with OCPS in their Chefs Move to Schools program.


The Orlando Sentinel has featured many fun pictures here: Pictures: OCPS Chefs’ new menu promotion at Edgewater High School

Hats off to Orange County Public Schools from Healthy Kids Challenge! 

Just one example of how creative partnerships can mastermind simple solutions to health.

Too busy to keep up with a healthful routine this holiday season?

The hectic holiday season is here, which means little time will be left for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Kids Challenge Partner in Health Nestlé Pure Life has four easy tips to keep you on track all season long.

Traveling?  Remember Active Play Every Day! Don’t forget to pack your sneakers or walking shoes! Check out your accommodations before you get there to see what they have to offer. Is there a gym, pool, or any walking activities you can take part in? Also, if you belong to a larger chain fitness club, oftentimes you’ll find other branches all over the country that you can use.

Shopping? Believe it or not, getting out to the local stores can be a great calorie-burner. While shopping this holiday season, you can find many opportunities to be active just by hustling from store to store and standing in line. Also, whenever possible, try parking farther from the store and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Add to your total steps for the day by walking each gift out to your vehicle between purchases.

Hydrated?  Do a Drink Think! Remember to grab a bottled water for the road!  As you get extra busy during the holiday season juggling work, home and errands you may not meet your fluid needs. And a lack of water can leave you dehydrated; even mild dehydration can drain your energy. That’s why keeping yourself hydrated during this time of year is just as important as any time of the year.

Skipping meals? Discover Smart Servings! Trying to save calories for a big party or get-together? Skipping breakfast and/or lunch to bank your calories isn’t a good idea. In fact, this tactic usually backfires—you wind up so hungry that you end up eating way more at the party (where there’s often high-calorie, high-fat, decadent food) than you would have if you’d eaten your regular meals during the day. A better bet: Eat breakfast and lunch as usual, but trim a few calories from each meal. That way you have a few extra calories to spend at the holiday get-together. Also, if you exercise earlier in the day you can try adding a few more minutes or increasing the intensity of your workouts to burn a few extra calories.

Cheers to a healthy holiday season from Healthy Kids Challenge and Nestlé Pure Life  ! 

Healthy Kids Challenge and Field Trip Factory are partnering to share joint visions in guiding communities to make healthy living a habit for kids and their families. Field Trip Factory has been a leader in experience-based learning for over 15 years. 

In many communities, Field Trip Factory is providing community-based field trips, which address a variety of social needs and also support children’s classroom curriculum. The Nutrition, Health & Wellness field trips transform local grocery aisles into learning centers as students sample their way to a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy, making smart choices and learning how to integrate exercise into daily living are the primary messages of these hands-on field trips.  The following field trips are hosted by local grocers:

  • Healthy Eaters
  • Well-balanced Kids
  • Be A Smart Shopper!
  • Guiding Stars
  • A Healthy Me by the Numbers
  • Be A Healthy Shopper
  • Explore the Store!
  • Kid Healthy Ideas
  • Be a Healthy Buddy
  • Challenge Your Health IQ

Use the ZIP Code Finder to see what’s available in your community!

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