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At school, physical activity is linked with academic achievement. Planning opportunities and places for kids to move more helps them achieve more. In or out-of-school physical activity balances eating choices.


Equal parts:

  • School Actions
  • Family Involvement
  • Community Support


  1. Mix together classroom movement, school recess and physical education.
  2. Stir in family involvement (using activities like walking, biking, and weekly tips).
  3. Fold in community support by conducting walkability & bikeability checklists and sharing information with school and community leaders, as well as the media.
  4. Pour into policies and practices and “bake” until well set.

Note: Many communities and schools hold yearly spring walk or bike to school events, which is a great way to motivate kids to move more.

School/Community Resources include:


Build Parental Interest

April 17, 2018

Family Outing to the Grocery Store

This month’s WOWS Newsletter suggests planting a seed to create a plan for nutrition activities; it also includes tips for encouraging parental interest in healthy eating and physical activity. Use the following ideas to increase attendance at events.

  • Consider holding a raffle. Ask for a community donation and offer low-cost tickets for drawing items that offer opportunities for more active playtime such as: a bicycle, baseball, football, basketball or soccer ball, and tickets or gift certificates to water parks, miniature golf, and sporting events.
  • Involve students in a presentation or fun skit (nutrition-physical activity connected). Parents love to come see their children perform.
  • Include food – not a meal, just a tasting to control cost, or ask for community donations.
  • Offer to take and make family photos available. For the photo, have individuals hold their favorite piece of sports equipment or fruit or vegetable.
  • Advertise – promote – advertise – announce – advertise – promote – advertise – announce…

Family At Home In Eating Meal Together

A number of smaller “bits” of healthy changes over time can add up to make a big difference. At home or at school, changing our own habits and way of thinking is just as easy as practicing small changes.

It is still common to hear parents and teachers talk about rewarding kids with sweets like ice cream or a school pizza party. The concern is not because the kids are having ice cream or pizza, which can be part of a balanced eating plan. It is the consistent use of foods (very often sweets) that is perceived as a reward by the child…a habit that can be carried through life. Each month in 2018, choose several small “bits” of change. Practice helps form healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Ideas to Start the Year

  1. Turn off whichever screen is on (TV, computer, phone) while eating at home. Instead, talk with your family members.
  2. Put snacks on a plate instead of eating from a bag or box.
  3. Use fun physical activity as a reward. Anyone for miniature golf or a scavenger hunt in the park?
  4. Drink water instead of sugary beverages.
  5. Try a fruit or vegetable that you don’t usually eat.
  6. Tune up your “hunger meter.” Eat and enjoy small bites. Stop eating when you are pleasantly (instead of uncomfortably) full.

Telemundo_Phx_0144The Cigna sponsorship of HKC’s Ready, Set, Cook and Eat! ™ event at Festival Telemundo 2014 in Phoenix was a fun, healthy success!Telemundo_Phx_0141
Three family teams put their creativity to work showing what healthy can be! MC, Penélope Menchaca, star of Telemundo Network’s 12 Corazones, added to the fun with healthy messages and leading kids in physical activities.

Mother Father Son and Daughter (8-11) Having a Picnic and Chatting


July is National Picnic Month, and a perfect time to “Eat, Move, and Enjoy Healthy Balance”.

Gather family and friends to enjoy light, summery foods along with play time in the fresh outdoor air.


Eat – Picnic Food Ideas:

Move – Picnic Outdoor Play Ideas:

Enjoy – Picnic Fun Ideas:

  • Turn off all electronic devices and give your full attention to the family and friends who are present.
  • Lie on a blanket and make a game out of finding shapes in the clouds above.
  • Simply slow down, be in the moment, and enjoy the company of family and friends – a key part of the Eat, Move, and Enjoy Healthy Balance model.

RSCEPhoenix14team3We’re helping families balance their days with healthy meals this month! Check out amazing, quick, yet healthy meal creations from all 3 family teams and fun photos of the event on Facebook and make sure to LIKE us!

Healthy Kids Challenge and Cigna, our Official Health Services Provider, teamed up to provide a fun, healthy cook-off using our popular and tasty Ready, Set, Cook and Eat!™ learning event at the Reach 11 Sports Complex Soccer Tournament in Phoenix, AZ! The theme and challenge was:

“Make Any Meal a Healthy Family Time Meal”RSCEPhoenix14team2

This event showcased 3 families using limited foods, equipment and time to cook up a healthy main dish and a tasty side dish, too! The Telemundo and Cigna sponsored event was MC’d by Diego Santiago.



Balance My Day simply means balancing energy in and energy out. Enjoy a simple healthy shake and balance it with some family activity ideas from the links below.Family Walking Together

Strawberry Yogurt Shake RecipeTaste and Learn

Challenge yourself and your kids with these fun and simple Healthy Me Challenges:

  Click for more “Healthy Me” Challenges!

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