HKC On the Road: Coal Township, PA

November 20, 2014

I Teach. What’s your Superpower?“, said t-shirts worn by teachers who attended a Balance My Day™  workshop. The training helped teachers to pass superpowers on to the students they teach by empowering teachers to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity promotion into their math, science, P.E., health, art and literacy classes.

“The [training] was a hands-on and interactive experience. This will help better educate both parents and children within the school district.” Malika Romine, Shamokin Area Schools

One way Coal Township Elementary passes superpowers on to their students is by using signs throughout their building.

At the building’s entrance students are met with a bulletin board which emphasizes how school lunch supports healthy eating. Take-home copies of the lunch menu are provided in front of the bulletin board.

HKC Coal Twnshp PA bulletin boardAnother entryway bulletin board encourages physical activity by showing fun physical activity options and their benefits.


HKC Coal Twnshp PA bannersCeiling banners highlight different physical activities alongside academic pursuits.

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