HKC On the Road: Danville, KY

October 23, 2014

HKC Danville KY 140605-1Plate It is one HKC signature training activity that is eye-opening every time. School foodservice staff and P.E. teachers from Danville had the opportunity to “Plate It” – record all the foods they’d eaten the past 24 hours into food groups. With those food groups on colored strips of paper, they made MyPlate chains.

Get S.M.A.R.T. Training – Foodservice staff enjoyed their Get S.M.A.R.T. (School Meals Achieving Results Together) training day. Staff made plans to investigate how to season foods using herbs and spices to help HKC Danville KY 140605-3meet the new sodium guidelines for school meals.

Eat Healthy, Move More, Balance My Day Training – P.E. Teachers and P.E.P. Grant staff decided that a “roll the dice” game would be one creative way to get high school students and HKC Danville KY 140605-2other staff interested in participating in a physical activity while identifying tasty, healthy snacks.

P.E.P. Grant staff came away from the trainings with renewed enthusiasm for getting the whole community of Danville involved in promoting healthy eating and physical activity for students of all ages.
School District, Danville, Kentucky
June 2014
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