14 Fruit and Vegetable Month Activity Ideas

September 5, 2013

Everyone loves a fresh idea on getting kids to taste (and like!) fruits and vegetables, so why not 14 of them? Our newly redesigned web site is stocked with activity ideas showing you how to celebrate Fruit and Vegetable Month, and make the connections to spread the message everywhere kids live, learn, and play!

Red Ripe Strawberries Eat Right with Color

My favorite fruit is red…juicy, summer strawberries!

In the classroom

Just for parents

Just for you

For a friendly competition

For everyone

Enjoy the activities and let us know how you celebrate Fruit and Vegetable Month!


2 Responses to “14 Fruit and Vegetable Month Activity Ideas”

  1. Reblogged this on Bite into Nutrition and commented:
    Great tips for helping your family getting in their daily recommended intake of fruits & veggies. One of the best ways to do this is to be a good role model. Kids are great observers and often follow your lead. So, get them involved in grocery shopping and food preparation. Studies have shown that the more kids are involved in food selection and meal preparations, the healthier they will be. http://www.biteintonutrition.com

  2. Yes, role modeling is also a key behavior. Thanks for reblogging! Cheers!

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