New Smart Servings Activity and Snack Tips for February

February 8, 2013

US Nutritional Fact Label

US Nutritional Fact Label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choose Smart Servings! Sometimes it is not WHAT you eat, but HOW MUCH. Added fat and sugar content are clues to serving size.

Label Smart Activity
Kids learn serving sizes, practice measures, math & physical movement skills, and set a goal


  1. As a group, look at a Nutrition Facts label and locate the serving size information.
  2. As a whole group, or in teams, ask kids, without looking at the labels, to guess:
    • The serving sizes for each food.
    • The number of servings in a package.
    • After each guess, have one or more kids read the package to see if they guessed correctly.

For the complete directions on this February activity, click here. This activity is also found on page 9 of the Health Works! toolkit – Smart Servings booklet. For more activity ideas like the one above, check out the Healthy Kids Challenge Online Store.

Snack Attack On the Go!

Download this FREE printable and copy-ready tip sheet for sharing with parents and staff. Ideas include the following:

  • Purchase individual low-fat cottage cheese containers with fresh fruit to go along.
  • Buy a bag of plain, flavored or peanut butter filled pretzels and include low-fat milk containers.
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