5 Simple Actions for a Healthier School Environment

November 29, 2012

Take 5 simple actions for a healthier school environment…policies, practices, and healthy choices.

  1. Sign-up for our Wednesday WOWS E-newsletter. Receive simple, easy-to-implement ideas to support healthy eating-physical activity habits for kids. Share the ideas and use them to help put wellness policies into actions.
  2. Try out a Monthly Activity Idea at a staff meeting and provide the link for interested teachers to get more ideas.
  3. Recognize teachers who are integrating nutrition and physical activity into daily practices. (Studies show that exercise increases kids’ academic success.) Allow those teachers 10-15 minutes to demonstrate an activity for others.
  4. Use HKC-CIGNA Mix 6 for Healthy Balance Toolkit for staff wellness, which includes ideas for employers and healthy habit tips handouts for employees.
  5. Role model healthy choices. For example,
  • Add simple stretches or other physical activity during a staff meeting.
  • Use a “walk with the principal” (rather than food) to reward students.
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