How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier – Part 4

November 15, 2012

Education for parents/kids on Healthy6, like eating breakfast, healthy snacks and smart servingsHealthy Kids Challenge helps kids eat, move, and enjoy healthy balance

Kids still hungry? Athletes need more?

  • Breakfast GO Power – Eat breakfast every day. It helps control appetite all day long.
  • Drink Think – Encourage kids to drink their milk or take the calcium-fortified juice that’s offered with their meals. Such a simple way to get more calories, protein and essential nutrients!
  • Fruits & Veggies Every Day – Find ways to make the new fruits and veggies tasty and more appealing to kids of all ages.
  • Smart Servings – Portions have been distorted for so long that kids AND adults need to smart size their servings.
  • Snack Attack – Planning snacks throughout the day is a key way to control hunger for kids of all activity levels.
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