4 Simple Ways to Add Play to A Summer Day

May 10, 2012

School will be out soon and summer days beg to be filled with active play! Give any of these 4 ideas a try and come back to let us know which is your favorite.

  1. Put Your Heads Together – Gather your family to discuss fun, active play ideas you want to do together this summer. Think of all options – swimming, hiking, biking, playing yard games, time at the park, taking an exercise class or learning a new sport or activity. List everyone’s ideas and then choose one to do right away. Keep the list in a handy place.
  2. Grab N Go – Find ways to add active play into summer picnics and cookouts. Grab a Frisbee® to throw, balls to kick, or badminton and croquet sets to enjoy when there is free time. Ask friends and family to join!
  3. Play-cation – Allow time to stop and get out to stretch and walk when traveling. Locate a park to burn off some energy. Add active play to your vacation plans by including hiking trails or bicycling paths on your visit.
  4. Marathon Walking Challenge – You may not be ready to run 26.2 miles but you can challenge yourself and others to add up the miles each day. How long will it take you to cover 26.2 miles? For more information about this challenge see our Active Play page.

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