Take a Look at This Week’s Get Your Plate In Shape Challenge Entry!

March 8, 2012

Happy child eating whole grainsSee how simple it can be to add healthier foods to your meal plate with this mom’s suggestion!

“My son is loving his homemade 100% whole grain macaroni and cheese. My kids really can’t tell the difference between whole grain pasta and the refined white version.”

Be a part of our “Get Your Plate in Shape” Challenge! Add more fruits and veggies to your plate, try a new healthy food, drink low fat milk, whatever you and/or your family are willing to do!

Here’s how:

  1. Send your family or kids photos and a description of how you changed your plate to healthy.me@healthykidschallenge.com.
  2. Look for your photos featured on Facebook and at www.healthykidschalllenge.com. You have a chance to be recognized as the Challenge winner and receive a fun Healthy Kids Challenge T-shirt and Explore MyPlate wristbands.
  3. Enjoy simple tips to get your plate in shape every day during National Nutrition Month on Facebook ( LIKE Us on Facebook) and our other social media sites.
  4. For further plate shaping ideas and a healthy recipe, visit HKC.
  5. Do something TODAY, March 8th, the official “What’s On My Plate?” Day!

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