11 Healthy Quinoa Recipes for Kids

January 26, 2012

Fruity Quinoa Salad Contest Winning Recipe

2010 Recipe Contest Winner Matt Bernards’ Fruity Quinoa Salad







Get kids into the kitchen with these quick and easy to prepare quinoa recipes. They’ll love the versatile little super-grain as it teaches them some handy cooking skills!

The one that started this conversation was Matt Bernard’s Fruity Quinoa Salad Recipe, a 2010 National Stirring Up Health™ Middle School Recipe Contest Winner. Click on the link to find the recipe and learn more. Here are additional recipes to try with kids:

  1. Confetti Quinoa – Thanks to fellow blogger Roxann McCann (the Nursing School Blog) for sharing this easy snack or side dish from KidsHealth.org with us.
  2. Quinoa, Corn, and Tomato Salad – A taste of summer in this quick recipe from Cooking Light.
  3. Orange Quinoa Salad – An especially colorful, nutrient-rich recipe also from Cooking Light. This salad can easily go from snack to side dish to main dish with the suggestions provided.
  4. Quinoa, Spinach, and Walnut Stir-Fry – Simple and fresh ingredients and easy too; thanks to our friends at Relish.
  5. Mexiquinoa Salad – Another from Relish, and fun for kids to make too.
  6. Pecan-Quinoa Breakfast Bowl – Yes, quinoa for breakfast!
  7. Summer Salad of Quinoa and Raisin-stuffed Tomatoes – A yummy California Raisin Board recipe.
  8. Quookies – Quinoa cookies, that is. Enjoy these when you want a sweet treat with a little extra nutrition. Thanks to the Super Healthy Kids blog for their creativity in cooking for (and with) kids!
  9. Breakfast Quinoa – Simple, filling and easy for kids to help make!
  10. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad – A tasty side dish, which can easily be made into a main dish if you wish.

Enjoy! Let us know if you like these!


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  2. saragiblin06 Says:

    Quinoa is a grain used in many south American dishes. Nutritional evaluations of quinoa finds that it is a source of complete protein. Quinoa grains contain essential amino acids like lysine and good quantities of calcium and so, it is a very healthy food for kids.


  3. irabraceloff Says:

    Quinoa is appreciated by people for its nutritional value as it is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorous, magnesium, iron and also a source of calcium. Protein content per 100 calories are higher than brown rice, millet, potatoes and barley but little less than wild rice and oats.

  4. pbonesteel Says:

    We love this at Sunshine House Preschool and are posting on our child care fb pages. Parents are looking for easy, healthful food!

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