3 Ways to Tap Into Water Every Day

January 19, 2012


Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable

I don’t know about you, but I always need a little mid-winter nudge to get my water intake back on track. When it’s not hot outside, I find it harder to reach for my water bottle during the day. No wonder why I’m feeling a little “off”. So here’s to all of us who need a little reminder once in a while to kick our water drinking habit back into high gear.

  1. Watch for water. When at school, the office, shopping or out in the community, get yourself and your kids in a routine of always drinking water when you pass a drinking fountain whether thirsty or not!
  2. Take it to go! Carry bottled water with you everywhere – in your lunch, backpack, car, shopping – everywhere.
  3. Swap it out! For every sugared soda you drink each day, swap a bottle or glass of water instead. An amazing savings in calories and sugar!

These tips and more can be downloaded at http://www.healthykidschallenge.com/pdf/drink think tap into H6 110803F.pdf

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