Wait! Don’t Throw Out Your MyPyramid Materials!

June 13, 2011

Wait! Don’t Throw Out Your MyPyramid Materials!

Out with the old MyPyramid, and in with the new MyPlate, right? Not exactly. Think of this as a process, a gradual transition from MyPyramid to MyPlate. If you have a roomful of MyPyramid materials, don’t worry they are not obsolete! According to the USDA it’s okay to still use the pyramid symbol, food groups, and the interactive tools, which are all still available on the new http://www.choosemyplate.gov website.Remember these tips:1. The shape has changed but the overall messages remain the same. So whether you have MyPyramid materials to use up or opt for the new plate shape, you can teach the same healthy eating messages.

2. The food groups’ colors remain the same even if their names have changed slightly. For example, the Protein group is the Meat & Beans group, and it’s still purple.

3. Here is the link for the MyPyramid materials you can still access on the USDA website: http://www.choosemyplate.gov/tipsresources/printmaterials.html


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  2. […] Wait! Don’t Throw Out Your MyPyramid Materials! (healthykidschallenge.wordpress.com) […]

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