Wide Availability of High Calorie Beverages in Elementary Schools

November 9, 2010

A new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that almost half of the nation’s public elementary school students could buy unhealthy beverages such as sodas, sports drinks and higher-fat milk during the 2008–09 school year.  Help students make the healthier choices by teaching with HKC’s *NEW* Food Cards.

The new Food Cards can be utilized to teach all the HKC Healthy6 messages, and in particular, Drink Think.  Drink Think teaches children and families to make healthy drink choices.  So even if the high-sugar, high-fat drinks are available for purchase at your schools, we have tools and solutions to help you make healthy drink choices.

For instance, the Food Cards can be used to identify different kinds of milk that might all “look” the same at first glance.  Individual pictures and names help younger kids to see that milk can be with and without fat.  These cards include:

  • Milk, fat-free (skim)
  • Milk, low-fat (1%)
  • Milk, reduced-fat (2%)
  • Milk, whole (4%)
  • Milk, flavored (chocolate)

Food Card pictures also include:

  • fruit-flavored drink
  • 100% fruit juice
  • tomato juice
  • soda
  • sport drink 

All the beverage picture cards can help older kids complete nutrition education activities or create a Drink Think bulletin board. 

Download in color or black and white, laminate the pages, then cut the food cards and you’re ready to TEACH!  Visit our Online Store for download & purchase info.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Food Cards would be a great healthy tool to use for a break in the school day or indoor recess. My second graders would have fun guessing each of the foods and then as I teach MyPyramid, they could organize them into the food groups. Sounds like a must have, how much are they?

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