12 Tools for Healthy Schools

September 21, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge has over 10 years of experience providing wellness solutions for children.  HKC’s Tools for Healthy Schools resources fit your needs at any level of involvement – from teachers and administrators to school foodservice, parents and even business and health care:

1.   IGNITE wellness council workshop
2.   Stirring Up Health National Middle School Recipe Contest
3.   Healthy fundraiser
4.   Healthy incentives
5.   Childrens activity booklets
6.   Downloadable family health tips
7.   E-newsletter
8.   E-challenge
9.   Teacher training
10. Nutrition education curriculum
11. Wellness policies and action plans
12. Special events

For some other online tools for healthy schools, you might want to refer to School Resources, a document published in the journal, Childhood Obesity.   It recommends one of Healthy Kids Challenge’s Partners In Health, Action for Healthy Kids, and the CDC Healthy Youth site, among others.

While I’m on the topic of healthy schools, and in honor of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, I want to recommend that you read the following article from the Childhood Obesity journal:  It Does, Indeed, Take a Village: Schools, Families, and Beyond for Weight Control in Children by David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP. Dr. Katz says, “School-based obesity prevention and control interventions…may well be necessary, but are almost certainly not sufficient in the absence of complementary programming in diverse community settings.”

Indeed, it takes a village.

Our first lady, Michelle Obama, has called on Congress to pass legislation that would make many of the Let’s Move initiatives possible.  I think America is ready to take action – from me and you as individuals, all the way up to the highest level of government.  And while we at Healthy Kids Challenge can provide tools for healthy schools along with many other credible organizations out there, let’s remember that everyone has a role in creating the healthy environments everywhere kids and families live, learn, work, and play.

Share your comments about any tools for healthy schools that you’ve used.  Let’s grow this list and see how many others we can help!

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