Smart Servings Challenge

July 6, 2010

Challenge others to a scavenger hunt in search of Smart Servings“did you know?” information!

Check for information from one of the following credible sources:
1) Nutrition Facts labels on food packaging,
2) Visit with a registered dietitian, or
3) Family and consumer science extension information.
Share the findings in meeting, bulletin boards, and newsletters.
Here are a few to get you started:

Fast Food Fries.
Did you know…the difference between a small and medium size is about 150 calories and 2 tsp fat?

Peanut Butter.
Did you know…the 2 Tbsp serving on the label refers to level, not rounded Tbsp?
Tip: 1 ping pong ball is a good visual representation of a Smart Serving.

Movie Popcorn.
Did you know…3 cups of popcorn is a Smart Serving of whole grains? A large movie tub may hold 10 or more cups. A good percentage of the extra calories come from added fat.

Add your “Did You Know?” info to the blog comments below!

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