Moving Toward Healthy Snack Foods

June 7, 2010

No doubt about it, government pressure to fight childhood obesity is a driving force in the move toward healthy snack foods; from local lawmakers all the way up to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. 

Just ask the manufacturers at last week’s Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago.  They’re now promoting healthful sweets and healthy snack vending machines.  And the sugar-free candy and gum markets are the fastest growing sugar product markets today. 

You and I know that snack foods aren’t solely to blame for the obesity crisis.  The saying “everything in moderation” parallel’s our mission to help kids eat, move, and enjoy healthy balance.  Yes, sweet treats and snack foods have their place in our 6 core healthy habits.  The key is moderation.  Stage a healthy “Snack Attack” in 4 easy steps. 

What other healthy snack ideas work for you?

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