HKC’s Response to the White House Task Force Report on Childhood Obesity

May 24, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC) is right on target with the White House report, Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within a Generation, providing services, training and materials consistent with the recommendations in the report. See how HKC addresses the concerns of the report excerpts below :

Early Childhood Care and Education
Early childhood settings provide a tremendous opportunity to prevent obesity by making an impact at a pivotal phase in children’s lives. Young children need opportunities to be physically active  through play and other activities. Preschool years in particular are crucial for obesity prevention due to the timing of the development of fat tissue, which typically occurs from ages 3-7 years. Eating well is equally important for the healthy development of young children.

  • HKC has provided early childhood training sponsored by the Platte County (Missouri) Health Department for childcare providers to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their settings.
  • HKC also offers a pre-K Berry,Berry Good booklet, teaching colors, numbers, shapes and letters with fruit and veggie messages and movement.

Making Nutrition Information Useful
Healthy eating habits in childhood and adolescence are important for positive growth and development and can help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Today, the eating habits of many young people are inconsistent with the recommendations in the Federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans, thus increasing the risk of obesity. To assist parents and caregivers in establishing healthy eating habits for children, they should have greater access to the right tools and resources that increase nutritional knowledge and help them make healthier choices.

  • HKC has developed a hands-on learning experience called Walk Through the Pyramid™. It teaches kids and families in a fun and entertaining way the basics of the Dietary Guidelines in the form of MyPyramid.
  • HKC also offers pre-K through 8th grade educational booklets to assist teachers, youth leaders and families with healthy eating and physical activity ideas.

Food-Related Factors in the School Environment
Many facets of the school setting can affect children’s dietary choices. In too many schools the connection between service of meals and other foods at school and the responsibility to educate, enable, and motivate healthful nutrition habits is weak or non-existent. More and better nutrition education is needed in many schools.

  • HKC provides nutrition education training and coaching with our School Challenge Distance Assistance Program. The School Challenge program also provides team building skills, resources and materials, and evaluation tools to build a healthy school environment.

Increasing Physical Activity
Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Children should have opportunities to be active throughout the day and year round. In addition to physical education class and recess, schools can offer students breaks for movement during the day in class and also incorporated into the lesson plan.

  • HKC is teaming up with SPARK, a research-based physical education expert, to offer IGNITE workshops and training  to provide school staff the skills to incorporate physical activity and healthy eating into the school environment.

Healthy Kids Challenge is on track to continue the fight against childhood obesity. Join us! 


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