Lessons From States On Fighting Childhood Obesity

May 10, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC) shares examples of state and county interventions toward the fight against childhood obesity…along with our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions. 


While Federal policymakers consider a wide array of options in fighting childhood obesity, many individual states are taking the lead. Due to the high percentage of overweight and obese children, states are launching programs to reverse the trends.

Policy Recommendations:

From Health Affairs journal:

The federal government should look for innovative ways to support state initiatives against child obesity and learn from the results.


HKC’s State and County Involvement in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity:

  • HKC will be collaborating with community libraries across Kansas to support preschoolers with reading, healthy eating and physical activity through the initiative, Reading, Smart Eating – Moving…Balance My Day, funded by the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund.
  • HKC has had long-standing consulting and training with the Platte County (Missouri) Health Department. Initiatives have dropped BMI scores: Platte County WIC BMI (2003) at 22% (national average 17.6%) improved to 13% for K-4 year olds in 2008. See how HKC is reaching child care providers with training.

Let us know how HKC can help your state with initiatives to combat childhood obesity!

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