Read to Your Preschooler While Teaching Healthy Habits

April 26, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge wants you to read to your preschooler using books with healthy eating and physical activity messages. You can help your child build positive literacy skills and healthy habits at the same time!

  • Check out HKC’s Monthly Action Ideas that give a healthy preschool activity and complimenting book to read. The month of April discusses healthy snacks and how the texture of food can influence food choices.
  • View health-themed preschool books at Michigan Team Nutrition Preschool Booklist. Check with your local librarian to see if some of the books listed are at your library.
  • Ask your local librarian to consider a corner or space in the library devoted to healthy eating and physical activity books for kids.

What’s your favorite healthy eating or physical activity book for young children? Let us know!


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