Who Influences Your Kids’ Snack Choices?

April 19, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge thinks parents should and can be the most important influence for your kids’ snack choices, but there is troubling research available.

Four large surveys of the food consumption of U.S. children over the past 30 years have determined desserts and sweetened beverages were the snacks kids were choosing. In addition food manufacturers have tried to influence kids to buy more junk food through advertising.

Help your kids make healthy snack choices with the following tips:

  • Discuss with your kids the good and bad of food marketing and advertising. Help your kids become educated food consumers and lead them towards healthier food purchasing decisions.
  • Brainstorm healthy, tasty snack options with your kids like low-fat cheese and crackers, fresh fruit or raw veggies with low-fat dip. Post a list of healthy snacks choices on the refrigerator door so your kids will have ideas.

Share with us the foods your kids choose for healthy snacks!

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