Solutions: Plans for Evaluation of Wellness Policy Implementation

March 29, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge view of school plans for evaluation of wellness policy implementation…and one of our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions. 

What Schools Tell Us:

We are able to implement wellness initiatives, but then don’t follow-up with evaluation due to a lack of time or resources.

Research Confirms:

Based on the Bridging the Gap research program, approximately 54% of all students were enrolled in a district with some type of policy that addressed evaluation. However, that evaluation varied from 3 times a year to every 5 years and the evaluation methods varied greatly.


Keep evaluation methods simple and easy to repeat. Healthy Kids Challenge provides schools help with planning, implementing, measuring progress and the evaluation of wellness initiatives. See an example below.

The HKC best practice, Building Wellness into the School Environment, shows how a school used HKC survey tools to identify needs, determine actions and guide changes toward a successful and effective wellness policy. 

Putting  Wellness Policy Implementation Evaluation into Action = Best Practice 

Share the methods you use to evaluate your wellness policy implementation!

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