Families Walk Through the Pyramid at the Fun and Fit as a Family Festival

March 2, 2010

We’re back and had fun spreading healthy eating and exercise messages to hundreds of kids and families this weekend! Healthy Kids Challenge participated in the 2010 Fun and Fit as a Family Festival, hosted by Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami, Florida. Our Walk Through the Pyramid interactive display showed kids and families that healthy eating can be easy, fun, colorful and tasty; which included low fat Cabot cheese giveaways from our sponsor, Cabot Creamery. Kids also enjoyed physical activity games which brought smiles to their faces and understanding that healthy movement can be fun!

“We are trying to make healthy changes for our son and this helps motivate us.” — parent participants

Help your family make simple, healthy changes as well:

  • Try using whole grain pasta for dinner this week.
  • Serve fresh, canned or frozen fruit for dessert.
  • Take a walk with the kids after school or dinner for added physical activity.

Let us know what simple tips you have for healthy change!


4 Responses to “Families Walk Through the Pyramid at the Fun and Fit as a Family Festival”

  1. theresaliz Says:

    Some healthy tips that I have:-Eat as a family – stimulates conversation, slower eating, and kids may try what their parents are eating.-Serve veggies and fruits as healthy snacks to keep energy up. yogurt is a great one too!-Always eat a healthy breakfast: best option is some whole grains and protein to keep you full until lunch. -Turn some music up and dance! Kids love the game "freeze dance", where you play music and they dance until you press pause.

  2. HKC98 Says:

    theresaliz,Thanks so much for your comments–great suggestions! Eating a family meal together is so important and you can build on it by getting the kids in the kitchen to help with the meal. They'll take extra interest in what they eat!

  3. kate Says:

    This is great. the kids have enjoyed the festival.

  4. HKC98 Says:

    Kate, thanks for your comment and so glad your kids enjoyed the festival! HKC had a lot of fun as well. Our aim was to give a positive view of healthy eating!

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