Solutions: School Competitive Food and Beverage Policy

February 22, 2010

A Healthy Kids Challenge view of school competitive food and beverage standards when it comes to wellness…and one of our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions. 

What Schools Tell Us: 

Competitive food and beverage sales impact different school areas: foodservice and fundraising for instance, and its hard to bring everyone to an agreeable standard to follow? 

Research Confirms: 

Based on the Bridging the Gap research program, many districts addressed the sale of competitive foods and beverages in its wellness policy, but most guidelines were vague .
There are no national restrictions on the marketing of competitive foods and beverages on school campuses.

With current nutrition information available and government attention to childhood obesity, there is great opportunity to develop strategies and clarify competitive food and beverage standards. See the HKC best practice idea below to help you get started!

The HKC best practice, School District Supports New Policy, shows the simple changes to a district’s competitive food and beverage policy and how the district got support from the parents by involving them in the decisions.

Putting Simple Competitive Food and Beverage Policies into Action = Best Practice 

Let us know what your school or district has done to address this issue!

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