Let’s Move…First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Childhood Obesity Campaign

February 9, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge commends First Lady Michelle Obama for her attention to kids’ health. The First Lady has unveiled Let’s Move, a national campaign to get kids healthy and keep them healthy. Let’s Move will engage people across the business, school, community, healthcare and family sectors. The extensive plan will generate actions to provide schools, families and communities simple tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy. 

Let’s Move is a four prong approach –

  • Helping parents make healthy family choices 
  • Healthier foods in schools
  • Access to healthier, affordable foods 
  • Increasing physical activity

What can YOU do to help?

  1. Go to the Let’s Move campaign’s new Web site, review the content, and CHALLENGE yourself to MOVE and do something. Whether it be a personal healthy change within your family, volunteering time with youth programs, or supporting systems change in your community, take that first step!
  2. Share your ideas, tips, and success stories with us, and with others because we’re all in this together! Support systems are critical to sustainable healthy change!
  3. Blog with HKC! We would love for this blog to serve as an opportunity to build a healthy community of followers interested personally and professionally in kids’ health. Your challenges, best practices, frustrations, and vision for kids’ health are important for us to move to the next level of helping combat childhood obesity in a real world, financially feasible, time sensitive way. 

What can Healthy Kids Challenge do to help YOU make a difference for kids?

As a leader for kids’ health, if you are seeking resources to help you with your change process, consider HKC simple solutions. If you need training, teaching tools, or distance assistance, Healthy Kids Challenge  is positioned to help guide leaders looking for simple solutions to eat, move and enjoy a healthy balance. 

Read the official press release or view the       First Lady in action and you’ll be MOVED to CHANGE! Come on now, Let’s Move together!

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