Healthy Hearts for Those You Love

February 8, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge realizes Valentine’s Day is approaching. We all want to show our loved ones how much we care with the perfect gift! Truly, the best gift is keeping their hearts healthy with physical activity and healthy eating.

Simply put, help your family EAT HEALTHFULLY and MOVE MORE this Valentine’s Day and thereafter!

Include Healthy Heart Foods Daily!

  • Use whole grain cereals at breakfast and whole grain breads in sandwiches for added fiber!
  • Provide fruits and raw veggies as snacks, and fruits as desserts to provide heart healthy antioxidants!
  • Check food labels to avoid trans fats in foods and to compare and choose food products with lower fat.

Keep Your Family Moving for a Healthy Heart!

  • Walk, walk, walk! Take the kids for a walk afterschool, walk extra steps when shopping, and walk while talking on the phone–anytime, anywhere!
  • Schedule family active play time daily! Dance together, play catch, climb on a playset or play a game of tag. Regular physical activity keeps a heart healthy and happy!

For more ideas check out HKC’s Fit and Fun Families and let us know what you do to keep your family’s heart healthy!


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  1. Jamnagar Says:

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