Simple, Healthy Tools for Parents and Families

February 4, 2010

Healthy Kids Challenge heard that Wednesday on the TODAY Show, First Lady, Michelle Obama, talked about her childhood obesity initiative and that parents and families need help with simple solutions to make better food choices.

Do you feel that you and your kids need help to eat healthier?

One simple tool to help kids make healthier food choices is to get them in the kitchen assisting with food preparation for meals and snacks.

Another fun way to get 7th and 8th graders involved in basic cooking skills, healthier eating habits and setting healthy goals is the Healthy Kids Challenge Stirring Up Health” National Middle School Recipe Contest. Kids get to practice creating healthy food that tastes great!

It’s not too late to enter! If you have a 7th or 8th grader at home or know of middle school kids that might be interested, share the following information. E-mail, blog or tweet your friends and family to get the word out!

See the Stirring Up Health Web pages for information and details. View the entry form which can be submitted online or mailed.

Entry Deadline – March 13, 2010

Act Now!

Let us know if you have other ideas or ways to promote the recipe contest!

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