Active Play EVERY Day

January 25, 2010

Do you and your busy family struggle to get enough daily exercise in an already packed schedule? Healthy Kids Challenge wants to help you incorporate more minutes of movement starting at dawn! Ugh, you say? Oh come on, morning exercise can be just the thing for you. See how!

ENERGIZE at the start of the day with a PLAN:

  • Lay exercise clothes out before going to bed.
  • Use a reliable alarm to wake up. Start with 15-20 minutes earlier than your normal waking time.
  • If exercising at home, find a quiet spot so that other family members won’t be disturbed, or include everyone in a fun morning routine! Add music to get moving!
  1. EXPLORE new exercise options. Try out yoga! Check out a DVD from the library. If your kids are early risers, get them involved! Yoga is adaptable for all ages and abilities.
  2. If yoga is not your “thing”, go for a walk. Walk 10 minutes out from the house and 10 minutes back. Look…20 minutes of motion and the day has hardly started!
  3. Does nothing appeal? Then, commit to a few gentle stretches and deep breathing techniques. Starting any healthy activity, usually leads to another!

Challenge yourself to try a morning activity this week and let us know how you did!

For additional family active play tips, check the CIGNA Fit & Fun Families toolkit.

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