Breakfast GO Power

January 4, 2010

Get healthy balance with Breakfast GO POWER. It gives kids fuel to learn, grow, and go!

WOW! Eating breakfast helps kids do better at school.

Which of the following breakfast pitfalls apply to you and your family?
__Breakfast is missing most days of the week.
__There is a need for more “breakfast food” excitement.
__I’m too pushed for time to eat breakfast.

Think outside the cereal box to add more GO Power excitement!

  • Egg burrito – add potato, rice or beans
  • Leftover pizza or spaghetti
  • Melted low-fat cheese, sliced tomato and ham on an English muffin

Quick Breakfast GO Power Ideas!

  • Peanut butter, banana, and tortilla roll-up
  • Low-fat cheese and crackers with juice
  • Cereal bar and low-fat milk

What do YOU do for Breakfast GO Power? Tried anything new lately? Click here for more easy ideas!

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