Health Works with MyPyramid!

December 28, 2009


Healthy Kids Challenge uses MyPyramid as an every day guide for healthy balance. And so can you! MyPyramid is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) food guidance system. Anyone can find healthy balance using the vibrantly colored pyramid as a guide.

How Healthy Kids Challenge and MyPyramid make health work for you:

  • Variety – It makes meals and snacks interesting so you enjoy the foods you eat.
  • More & Less – You should choose the foods in the wider bands more often than those in the smaller bands. Also, choose foods most often at the base of the pyramid than at the tip of the pyramid.
  • Balance – The person running up stairs on the side of MyPyramid shows the importance of balancing what you eat each day with physical activity.
  • Walk Through MyPyramid – Evidence that Health Works!-The Walk that brings MyPyramid to life with its unique blend of “edu-tainment”, including: food trivia, choosing favorites from each MyPyramid food group, rolling the dice in an active play game, and even creating a MyPyramid bracelet for take home fun! For more information, or to learn how to create your own “Walk” click here.
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