Smart Servings

December 10, 2009

Healthy Kids Challenge’s 6 key healthy behaviors include discovering Smart Servings.

Discovering Smart Servings is as simple as 1-2-3-4!
1. Be smart about how much.
2. Be smart: choose smaller servings of high-fat or sugary foods.
3. Be smart about how full you feel.
4. Be smart with more active play.

Have you ever thought about your family’s Smart Servings habits? Here’s a simple survey:
1. Read labels on some of your favorite high fat/sugary foods.
2. Write a list of those foods and the serving size of each.
3. Measure the serving size identified on the label from each food. As a family, have each person talk about whether they choose more or less than the serving size suggested.
4. Set a family goal for Smart Serving habits. Our family goal:__________________.

Smart Servings Tip: Keep it simple! Start with one change like eating less of a favorite high fat/sugary food, or doing some physical activity when stressed rather than eating.

For more ideas download the Healthy Kids Challenge resource Discovering Smart Servings.

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