Drink Think

December 10, 2009

What do you reach for when you are thirsty? Water, milk, a fruit drink, or soda? Healthy Kids Challenge recommends if water is NOT one of your first choices, think about your drink! Water is the ideal thirst quencher for many reasons…it doesn’t add extra calories or sugar just to name two.

Answer these Drink Think questions with your family:
1. What do we usually drink at mealtimes? With a snack? And when eating out?
2. How often do we drink soda and how much?
3. Could we choose water instead of sugary drinks more often?

Drink Think Tip: Take a reusable bottle full of cool, refreshing water with you everywhere. You’ll always have the best thirst quencher on hand! It will remind you to think about your drink when you’re tempted to spend money on a less satisfying drink choice.


2 Responses to “Drink Think”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is so hard to know what to do about the high sugar flavored milks. At home we've tried to go with plain milk but my kids just won't drink it any more. Our solution to cut down on the sugar, but make sure the kids have the calcium, is to mix some plain low fat milk with the flavored.

  2. HKC98 Says:

    Great solution to a common problem. I wonder if anyone else has tried that.

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