Help for Teachers Linking Nutrition to Core Curriculum

December 3, 2009

We at Healthy Kids Challenge would like to “give back” to teachers and youth leaders who make nutrition and kids’ health a priority in their curriculum!  We want to show our support of your healthy actions by making our educational resources more accessible to you.

You teach nutrition and physical activity in some way every day, and you role model healthy behaviors yourselves.  Share our resources and ideas on how to link nutrition to core curriculum with another teacher or your wellness committee.  You won’t even have to share the book – everyone can have their own copy.

Let’s work together to link nutrition and academics in the new year…What are your ideas to help others?


One Response to “Help for Teachers Linking Nutrition to Core Curriculum”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Taste-testing is a great way to help kids explore healthy foods. Whenever there is a fruit, vegetable or whole grain food mentioned in school reading assignments or story time, bring samples of that food for kids to try. You’ll reinforce their interest in reading and healthy eating at the same time!

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