Giving Back in a Challenging Economy

December 3, 2009

Give back. That’s something I’ve been pondering for Healthy Kids Challenge, and definitely personally, given this challenging economy.

We want to give back to all the families, schools, and communities who have continued to keep kids’ health a top priority this year.

We want to share as we can in this challenging economy so you have the best chance at making health and wellness an ongoing priority in 2010.

But, how? We’re in the same boat as everyone else.

Well, we firmly believe in the saying, “Give, and you will receive,” and that giving is better than receiving.

So, we’re going to give back by giving you resources and tools to help more kids on the path to healthy living. To find out how, visit our Healthy Kids Challenge website. Thanks for all you do already, and be sure to give back in your own way to promote kids’ health.

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