More Tips to Keep Your Health #1

November 6, 2009

I hit 2 of the top Healthy Kids Challenge  tips last week for prevention of H1N1, but I cannot let you think that is all you need to do!  These two are just as essential as the first two tips:

Physical Activity – It strengthens your immune system.  Did you know people who walk 40 minutes per day have ½ as many colds and sore throats as those who don’t do any activity at all?

You still have time today – squeeze just 10 minutes from your schedule to take a WALK.

Sleep – You guessed it, getting enough sleep also keeps you healthier than people who don’t get enough zzzzzzz’s. 

Go to bed a ½ hour earlier tonight, even if it means recording that favorite TV show to watch over the weekend!

Bonus!  Making both of these a priority in your life will result in increased feelings of overall well-being, and give you more energy!


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  1. Diana Says:

    Taking a walk on my noon hour, even if it is just a short one, always makes me feel better!

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