Kids’ Health on Halloween

October 29, 2009

You have every right to be concerned about the spread of H1N1 flu virus right now, but mix in the Halloween parties and candy, and what’s a parent to do?Here at Healthy Kids Challenge we are standing by our motto and encouraging you to


Balance the fun of this holiday with your worries about your kids’ health. Be diligent about handwashing, and it’s okay to enjoy a few pieces of wrapped candy. Limiting excess sugar this season is not only smart, but safe, when it comes to everyone’s health. Did you know it can decrease immunity when you eat sugar in large amounts?

Instead of a candy binge on Halloween night, ask your kids for their ideas on how they can enjoy it over a period of time. You might be surprised at what they come up with!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, the novelty of the treats starts to wear off as time goes on. We use it as dessert after dinner.

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