Munch’n Crunch’n Broc Talk

October 23, 2009

A riddle: What do books, broccoli, and bicycling have in common?
A hint: Think like Healthy Kids Challenge: what ACTIONS do they represent?
The answer: READ – EAT – MOVE!

Do you know there is a natural link between healthy eating, physical activity, and reading? Reading food or physical activity themed books to young kids can help develop lasting healthy behaviors.

Munch’n Crunch’n Broc Talk is a perfect example:
Color: Green
Shape: Square
Number: 4
Letter: B
Vegetable: Broccoli
Activity: 5 A Day Play!
Book: Gregory the Terrible Eater

This is just one example of our Berry, Berry Good lessons for preschoolers linking literacy at a young age with healthy eating and movement.

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