Healthy Eating Solutions at School

October 9, 2009

Healthy Kids Challenge proudly provides evidence-based solutions for school wellness, so I did some digging this week about that statistic from CDC. 

I found 2 things.  First, the key word is AND – it’s about eating both fruits AND veggies each day.  Second, the data comes from the CDC’s health surveillance systems, where 9th graders are the youngest surveyed.

Our strategy:  increase availability of healthier foods at school.   Healthy Kids Challenge has a unique ability to assist with simple “every day” ideas to put the most current recommendations into action.

You can make a difference in foods sold outside of the school’s meal program – what’s sold at school vending, stores, and concessions.  One solution is to set standards for these in the school’s wellness policies.  For example, consider offering fruit instead of fruit juice, or offer non-fried vegetables.  For more solutions like these explore our online best practices.

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