Moving More

September 25, 2009

One thing all our dietitians at Healthy Kids Challenge continually strive for is ways to Move More – and it just happens to be my favorite part of the “Eat, Move, Enjoy Healthy Balance” motto.

Call it what you want
> physical activity > exercise > active play > working out >
just find a way to move your body!

Here’s the secret: Pick an activity you already LIKE to do, and just do it MORE!

Me, I love to jog. It is my favorite way to move. Yep, I ENJOY jogging, and I can do it every single day and never tire of it. Sure, I switch my training from intervals to longer runs, just for variety, but I love to jog.

Someone out there is thinking “I don’t like activity. I don’t like to sweat.” I bet I can help you find something you enjoy. You’re probably already doing something and don’t even know it!

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