Food Museum Fun

September 22, 2009

What’s the food museum?  It’s the grocery store! 

We at Healthy Kids Challenge call it the food museum when we take kids on an adventure through the store – and what an adventure it becomes!   Whether you pretend in the classroom or actually take a field trip, the grocery store is truly the “food museum” of learning for menu planning, label reading, and smart shopping.

Which would you choose? 

Option 1:  Sit in class and listen to a lecture about the Fruits & Vegetables Groups of MyPyramid.

Option 2:  Go to the “food museum“, where you:

1.  HEAR a healthy message about fruits and veggies while you

2.  SEE what they look like and

3.  MOVE through the store to find them in their many forms. 

4.  And, “surprise!”, you get to TASTE them, too!

It’s so much fun!  Try it!


6 Responses to “Food Museum Fun”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I’d go to the food museum!

  2. Audrey Landwehr Says:

    Food Museum hands down! You would be able to experience lots of foods that you may not have known about, seeing them, touching them(?), smelling them! It would be a good way to get kids to try new things if they could actually physically see/feel them.

  3. Sarah Says:

    The grocery store (food museum) is such a wonderful place for learning! As consumers, we tend to rush through our shopping list to make our purchase and get home! But if you can just spend some time exploring different foods and reading labels, it will open your eyes to new food tastes and facts.

    • healthykidschallenge Says:

      Actually, I’m glad you mentioned label reading because it is an integral part of our Food Museum lessons in the Healthy Kids Challenge booklet titled – you guessed it – Food Museum!

  4. Gina Says:

    I never thought of a grocery store as a Food Museum. Very creative idea! Even at 27, I would find a food museum more fun and interesting than sitting in a classroom learning about healthy food being displayed on a piece of paper or cardboard. And getting to try them – even better. I hope this helps not only those in school situations – but also those of us raising kids still at home – thanks for the new idea!

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