Finding that Healthy Balance…What’s the Solution?

September 21, 2009

I wish I could say Healthy Kids Challenge has THE solution. The fact is, no one has just one. We all have our theories, don’t we? For the record, our very mission is to help people take action for kids to eat, move, and enjoy healthy balance.

For me, I feel balanced when I:

  • eat well AND
  • move more AND
  • take a moment to consciously enjoy the balance each of those things bring to my life.

It’s tricky even for me to get all three in one day – to eat, move, AND enjoy – but on the days you get it right, you feel GREAT!

No guilt. No excuses. No self-pity. Just plain healthy and balanced.

What’s your solution?


4 Responses to “Finding that Healthy Balance…What’s the Solution?”

  1. Kendra Says:

    I find that prepping for a healthy lifestyle is the key:1. buying a week of healthy foods for meals and snacks to have on hand when I am in a hurry2. Laying out my workout clothes for an early morning workout or bringing my workout clothes with me to work. By doing this, I have less of an excuse to skip my workouts.I do feel better once I eat better and relieve some stress through exercise. One step at a time!!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I find that planning and thinking ahead keeps me on track with a healthy balance.1. I think of the week or weeks ahead and plan rough ideas for meals. I make my grocery list based on those meal ideas and after school snack and school lunch needs. Then, go to the store and get what's on my list. I'm sure to have the healthy foods around the house that I need.2. Physical activity involves daily stretching and walks with my dog. It's built into my schedule. Then, planned family activity takes place in the evening or on the weekend when kids are home. If I don't have a plan for activity it won't just happen on its own.

  3. HKC98 Says:

    So far it sounds like you all think it's important to plan ahead. Set yourself up for success, instead of beat yourself up when you don't! I really like the thought of building it into your daily routine – eating right, moving more, whatever "it" is. What else helps?

  4. GinaME Says:

    I find that challenging myself and having a goal in mind helps me incorporate eating well, moving, and enjoying it. Probably not all three at once everyday, but in the end, they all play a big part. My current challenge is running a half marathon. I have to eat right to keep up with my training which keeps me moving. And I get the enjoyment of completing runs I never thought were once possible and eventually finishing a race. (Two weeks to go until this one!) Planning for training helps me a lot!

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