Breakfast GO Power

August 5, 2009

School days are upon us, and backpacks are being carefully filled with fresh pencils, notebooks, and all the necessities. Will your kids be “filled” with all the essentials for learning when that first school bell rings? Let’s talk about breakfast and how it can help your child be fit and ready to learn this school year.

First of all, do you eat breakfast yourself? Kids learn such behaviors from key influencers in their world, such as parents and other caregivers. Next, do you discuss breakfast options with your kids or involve them in grocery shopping or meal preparation? Developing ownership can go a long ways to getting kids into the habit of daily breakfast. My final ponder, what is the breakfast option that will work best for your child and his/her school day? Consider the school breakfast program if offered, or a quick backpack breakfast for the bus or car, or, time at home with a make ahead meal.

Whatever you and your child decide, planning is the solution! Let Breakfast GO Power jumpstart your child’s school day! Check out the Healthy Kids Challenge website and sign up for the E-Challenge of the month, great fun to help families enjoy being healthy together!

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