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July 20, 2009

Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC), a nationally recognized nonprofit, helps school, community, business and health leaders take action for kids to eat, move, and enjoy a healthy balance. Created by registered dietitians, Healthy Kids Challenge offers solutions through workshops, events, toolkits, a website, newsletters and programming. Six healthy eating and active play practices make teaching and learning simple and fun. Find innovative resources at http://www.healthykidschallenge.com/.

It’s About Time!

Talk with kids and together become aware of daily “screen time” (computer, T. V., and video game). Keep a log for a week and see how “balanced” is active play time every day versus screen time. Discuss ways kids can get a healthier balance. Get kids involved in setting their own screen time limits to develop a healthy habit.Check out the Healthy Kids Challenge website http://www.healthykidschallenge.com/ which offers you things like – A great E-Challenge of the month that is super for families to Take the Challenge together each month!

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